Summerschool 2010

10th Berlin Summerschool
“Psychiatry as a Science - Genetic Neuroimaging”
Berlin, August 22nd -27th, 2010


This year, the Berlin Summerschool took place for the 10th time. Founded in 2000, the original aim was to sustain and develop psychiatric care and research in the post-civil war southeastern European countries. During the years, the focus shifted to the application of advanced techniques like imaging and genetics in psychiatric research.

Since 2007, the Summerschool is part of the IMAGEN project, training young researchers (psychologists as well as psychiatrists) from all over Europe, and trying to establish research cooperations and joint projects.

This year, 16 participants from 7 different countries (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Germany, Romania, Belarus, Brasilia, France) participated in the Summerschool.

As in former years, this Summerschool had a general skills part and a more specific methods part: The morning sessions under the guidance of Hanfried Helmchen, Norman Sartorius, Andreas Ströhle and Andreas Heinz focused on the training of general research skills, such as reading and writing a scientific paper, writing reports, presenting data, and chairing sessions. As practical exercise, each participant gave a presentation about a current or recent research project.

The afternoon sessions contained lectures and hands-on workshops about the application of specific methods in psychiatric research. Participants could choose between fMRI Data Analysis, Genetics, and Neuropsychology, and underwent a four-days training in this domain. The constant and small groups allowed an intensive and interactive teaching of practical skills. Additionally, different experts of our clinic gave lectures on selected topics related to genetic or neuroimaging research in the context of mental disorders.

Sadly, this 10th anniversary came along with the farewell of Prof. Hanfried Helmchen, who was a founder member and principal supporter of the Berlin Summerschool for many years. His dedicated teaching and mentoring of young researchers and psychiatrists was one of the supporting pillars of the Summerschool, and will be hard to replace.

Subsequent to the Summerschool, the 9th Charité Conference on Psychiatric Research: Emotional Neuroscience took place August 26th-28th, 2010. The Summerschool participants were invited to present their work as posters or oral presentations, and most of them used this opportunity. Key speakers of the conference were Heinz Häfner, Norman Sartorius, Achim Stephan, Henrik Walter, Raffael Kalisch, Roshan Cools, and Andreas Heinz.

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