The IMAGEN Study

Welcome to the IMAGEN Study!

Welcome to the IMAGEN Study!

IMAGEN is a European research project investigating mental health and risk taking behaviour in teenagers.

Two thousand 14 year old children, their parents and research teams from England, France, Ireland and Germany are involved in this project.

We conduct this study in order to better understand the teenage mind.

The researchers want to find out what impact might certain attitudes and thinking styles, as well as certain brain activity patterns and genetic characteristics, have on teenage risk taking behaviour and mental health.

Research methods will include self-report questionnaires, behavioural assessment, interviews, neuroimaging of the brain as well as blood sampling for genetic analyses.

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It is the aim of this project to learn about biological and environmental factors that might have an influence on mental health in teenagers. This knowledge will then help to develop novel prevention strategies and therapies in the future.

IMAGEN is the first study on this research topic using state-of-the-art technology from the field of behavioural neuroscience which is where medicine, psychology, physics, and biology intersect in the study of human behaviour.

If you want to be part of this European research project, please click here (link) to contact your local research team to receive further information!


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